For my first blog post I wanted to share an inspiring birth story I came across earlier this year. Thank you Jamie for sharing it, along with your gorgeous pictures!

“I went all the way to 41 weeks pregnant. Everyone of course was wondering when the baby was going to come, I was so happy to still be pregnant. My first came early at 35 weeks, along with hospital interventions and late night wondering of why I couldn’t keep the baby in. I would have been perfectly happy to make it to 42 weeks.

I started going into labor right as I got my 2.5 year old down for a nap, so I joined her. A few hours later, Daddy came home from work and I took a hot shower, ate a good meal, and made the call to the birth center. Contractions were right on top of each other and gaining intensity. We got to the birth center about 8pm. Transition was definitely happening, and I could feel the pain going all over my body like a wave. I labored sitting on the edge of the bed, and took the time to regain control of my pain and really be in the moment with my baby during the contractions. I breathed in and out with the concentrations, I let out deep groans when the pain gained momentum. Working with my body and being present in my pain led me to drift into daydreaming. I went back and forth between being present in reality, and gone in vivid daydreams. Even several weeks after birth, I can vividly recall these daydreams.

On its own, my body started pushing slightly. I let Emily know right away, and they ran hot water in the large birthing tub for me. My water broke with another involuntary push, and then I got into the water. I stayed in a some sort of kneeling, slightly floating position for the rest of the time. That water was better than an epidural! All the real pain just melted right away. I could feel the baby getting into position, and I could feel an impossible amount of pressure, but there was absolutely no sharp pain anywhere, just a low dull ache at times.

It was an incredulous feeling to be that far into non-medicated birth and not be in pain.

I kept one hand on my vagina, and soon I could feel the baby’s head right there! Feeling her soft hair with my own hand was such a sweet moment for us, and I cupped her head for the rest of the birth. I could feel her slowly coming farther out as I relaxed, breathed deeply, and pushed very gently when I felt my body pushing. Baby rocked back and forth in the canal for several minutes. Being able to feel her crowning was so encouraging, it let me work with my body in the most efficient way. I let Emily know how the baby was crowning, and she assured me I had all the time in the world to give birth, no need at all to rush. Eventually her entire head was out, I kept my hand touching her, but not holding her head anymore. A few more pushes, her chest was out, and then she was born!

Serena was a whopping 10 and a half pounds, with 15.5 inch chest circumference! Not only was it such a sweet, connected and empowering birth, I had no rips, tears or stitches at all. Recovery was so fast, bonding with baby has been great. Letting my own primal knowing take the lead, feeling present with my baby during birth, and not second guessing myself gave me such a deep and conscience birth experience. If you are reading this, don’t second guess yourself.

You were made perfect and powerful, you just have to let it be true.”

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