Hello, my name is Denise

I’m so glad you’re here so I can share with you my huge drive for helping women and their families have the best birth experience possible.

I know this is a very emotionally charged time of your life,
and one where feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt can easily sink in.

Are you finding yourself somewhere through your pregnancy, but instead of feeling ultra positive and enthusiastic you are feeling anxious, uncertain or fearful?

Do you want a natural birth but are terrified of labour pain?

Have you heard endless horror stories around birth and want no part of that drama for yourself and your baby?

Do you have concerns around your maternity care and its ability to treat your pregnancy and birth as the sacred, devine and unique event that it is?

Are you unsure how to voice your deepest desires for your baby’s birth and need gentle guidance to advocate for yourself?

Is your partner looking for ways to best support you throughout labour and birth but is lacking the understanding and know-how?

Are you wanting to emerge from your birth experience thriving, not just surviving?

Are you wanting a successful start to breastfeeding but are not sure how to get that magic milk flowing or what to do if problems arise?

Do you feel anxious about the thought of bringing home your new baby, with little idea of what to expect and how to best prepare?

I want you to know that everything you are feeling is so completely normal.
I’ve been there before mumma, your fears and desires were my own!

Preparing to give birth can be a very overwhelming time.

There are many friends, family members and professionals ready to offer (often conflicting) advice and information that just adds to your stress and worry.

Well fear no more.

My independant, scientifically-based childbirth education program will fully arm you with the knowledge and confidence you are searching for.

My Lamaze classes will give you a solid grounding of knowledge about the emotional and physiological aspects of labour and birth as well as prepare you for the transition to parenthood.

I will give you the confidence you need to be in the drivers seat of your birth. I will give you the tools you need to kindly and respectfully advocate for yourself and your baby with your care providers.

My aim is that you feel ready to rock your birth, that you feel ready to let those hormones flow to their maximum potential, and that you feel mentally and emotionally prepared for the transformative experience ahead.

Yes, birth can be unpredictable sometimes. But with sound knowledge about all your options, and the benefits, risks and alternatives of procedures, you’ll feel in control and will be able to make decisions with your care provider that you are fully informed and comfortable about.

Lamaze is all about informed parents making informed choices about their care, with the knowledge that birth is a safe, normal and healthy life event.

I aim to facilitate a relaxed and safe place where you can be free to be yourself, say as much or as little as you wish, and just enjoy yourself.

And as your Doula, that I offer compassionate and unwavering support from the moment you book my services.

We will have time to work through any of your fears or anxieties surrounding your birth, and discuss your dreams and desires for your pregnancy, birth and early postpartum period. I want you to come to a place of deep trust in your body’s ability, trust that I already have in you.

My aim is to provide a space of calm and safety for you and your partner, so that you are able to go into yourself without fear or distraction stalling the magical flow of labour.

I will be your empathetic ear, your confident energy if you wane, the tough love when you need it, your guide with comfort measures for yourself and your partner, and I will be your advocate (but never your voice!) when liaising with your care providers. You will also receive additional treats and goodies when signing up for one of my packages.

Are you pumped for an empowering birth? Let’s work together!

I’m delighted now to share with you my story, in the hopes of sprinkling glittery inspiration into your soul that turns into a passionate fire for your own upcoming birth.

Not that long ago I was where you are right now, so I see you mumma. I was pregnant for the first time, and moving through pregnancy towards birth totally blind. But I was also without the support of a loving partner or family nearby.

My only experience with pregnancy and birth was the few stories and experiences of friends, and everything I have ever watched on commercial TV or in the movies (read: none of it was empowering or informative!).

I knew I wanted a normal birth, but man, I had no idea how to make it happen.

How exactly is a baby meant to come out of my vagina?! What if I tear? What about the pain?

It was overwhelming. Part of me just switched off some days. Some days I had the mentality of ‘I’ll go with the flow on the day’, but the academic part of me knew that was probably a silly idea and I needed to do some research.

I gave up reading the ridiculous pregnancy books I was given that made fun of or didn’t respect the magic of pregnancy and birth. None of them seemed to celebrate the capabilities of every woman’s elegant design. They reinforced the ideas of pain and emergency scenarios, and ridiculed aspects of birth that seemed to be drawing me away from what I knew to be my truth.

I enrolled myself into a Lamaze Childbirth Education Program in Melbourne and gave google a rest.

Taking part in a program that was evidence-based, informal and incredibly thorough, yet simple in it’s messages, was exactly what I needed.

I went from a place of uncertainty and anxiety to empowered, excited and confident.

Something clicked.

Of course I could birth my baby.

I realised the pain of labour is not the pain of a broken, or sick person. It is a pain of power, of a woman’s body doing incredibly hard, and important work. It is magic happening! I heard a quote during those classes that the intensity of contractions won’t be bigger than me because it is me. I could handle it.

So trust replaced fear.

Understanding replaced the mystery.

Although my labour and birth took place over a number of days and was at times super intense, there was not one moment where I felt I couldn’t cope. There was not one moment I felt like I was suffering. There was not one moment I didn’t feel in control of my situation. I used many of the tools and comfort measures I learnt in class such as conscious breathing, visualisation, movement and position changes, showers, birth balls, hip squeezes, you name it.

I knew how to work with the intensity of the surges, and I rocked my birth. I loved the experience!

Once my baby boy was placed in my arms I was on the biggest high and completely in awe of what my body and my baby were able to accomplish together. I instantly wanted to do it all again, right there and then. I wanted to run down the hospital corridors screaming to everyone that would listen that all the books and movies were wrong! Birth is freaking incredible!

Mumma, this is how I want you to feel.

I want you to feel like the primal, vibrant, powerful and capable goddess that you are.

In my son’s first year of life I became a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE). I wanted to assist women during their pregnancy to come to the same place of trust, empowerment and calm anticipation I had. And I went on to do my Doula training with DONA International because I know that birth outcomes are markedly improved with the constant, nurturing, compassionate support from a trusting birth attendant.

I want all women to feel cared for, respected, listened to and honoured during their labour and birth.

I want all women to look back on the day they gave birth and feel incredible elation and see it as their greatest accomplishment. I want them to remember that no matter how their birth transpired they were fully informed, they were part of every decision, they were spoken to with kindness and respect, and that the golden moments and hours following their birth was treated as utterly sacred. I want every woman to remember their baby’s first breastfeed like a big blanket of soft, warm love enveloping them both.

Mumma, no one is more invested in your baby and this birth than you are. And I wholeheartedly believe with every part of my being that becoming informed and receiving unwavering, compassionate support by someone who believes in you and your body’s abilities is vital for having the best of outcomes for you and your baby.

Because a healthy baby is not all that matters.
YOU matter.
Your experience during childbirth matters in hugely significant ways, ways that will infiltrate all areas of your life for many years to come.

I want to see you have the best possible birth experience. One where you greet your baby riding on a high of awe, bliss and love.

Are you ready to awaken your powerful birthing potential?


The benefits of Denise’s classes were fantastic, to say the least. Firstly the content was exactly what we needed. We attended the hospital classes, and whilst beneficial to understand hospital policies and procedures, Denise’s classes were much more of a deep dive into specifics. With particular attention to knowledge-based decision making, the topics which we covered ultimately changed the way our difficult labour progressed. It was great to know the questions to ask when complications arose and the path that these would take. Because of this, we changed the course of where our labor was headed for the better. Something which we would not have done without knowing what we learnt with Denise.

The format of the class was also great. Spread over a few weeks so not too overwhelming and intimate enough so that we felt comfortable to ask all the questions we had – felt more like a chat than a class! Denise also was able to focus on the topics which we had a particular concern or interest in, something you just can’t get from other classes.

Highly recommended. A great educator.

Laura and Mark

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