Mama Blessings

Along with your closest besties, help me honour you in this remarkable time of your life as you step through maidenhood into the magical role of motherhood.

Now tell me mama, is your pregnancy feeling like one test and screening after another?

Are you feeling like a vessel carrying a baby and not much more?

Are you working hard in your Monday to Friday job and struggling to find the time to connect with your baby and this incredible wonder of pregnancy?

Do you want to avoid the commercial Baby Shower route because it doesn’t feel aligned with your true nature and spirit?

Do you feel a sense of something missing in our modern culture of women having to be and do it all in isolation?

Do you want to feel a special circle of support during your birth, an ancient wisdom of women that stretches back to the start of time, guiding you and offering strength?

Well for all those reasons and more, a Mother Blessing Ceremony may be just what you’re looking for.

It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I facilitate Mother Blessings for pregnant women in Sydney.

I truly believe that women should not give birth, nor should they mother, in isolation. Let’s start your journey into the transcending depths and cosmic highs of childbirth with a celebration surrounded by your closest circle of women folk, because it is with these women you can draw strength from not only during your birth but for the days, weeks, months and years following.

Our Western culture often lacks a deep sense of tradition and connection.

My vision is to bring that back, one birthing mother at a time. I aim to help women release their fears of childbirth and replace those feelings with positive emotion and intentions.

I help women feel affirmed in their birthing power, feel connected to their intuitive selves, and feel in awe of the magical and intimate dance that her and her baby are about embark on.

A Mother Blessing Ceremony will be a joyous time, where the mama-to-be is adorned, celebrated, and honoured. There is something magical that happens when women come together in circle. The energy, love and inspiration that springs forth is something that no woman taking part will forget.

I know this is something you long for,
it is something every woman longs for deep within.

Let me facilitate an incredibly powerful and uplifting day for you and your friends. I will take care of every detail, and just ask that you provide food for the feast afterwards. There’s nothing like food to keep bringing people together, laughing and celebrating!

Mother Blessings should be kept to 15 people at the most (inclusive of mama-to-be) and typically take 4 hours which includes the feast at the end. Of course your feasting and celebrating can carry on long after if you wish, however, I’ll probably be home with my little man by then.

Price: $600.

This includes all the preparation, liasing with guests prior to the day (most of the rituals on the day are kept secret to the mama-to-be), candles, flowers and other ritual items, plus my time of course!

If you want a spiritual, connected celebration of YOU before your baby’s birth (because really, you deserve it!), contact me today. I can’t wait to help honour you in all your amazingness!

Enquire here about your Mama Blessing.

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