Doula Services

It is with compassion and a dedicated soul that I offer my Doula services to you, guiding you into awakening and harnessing your powerful birthing potential.

I know from personal experience how daunting the thought of childbirth can be, especially as a first time mum.

I get how you’re feeling, because I too have had the same struggles.

You want the best possible birth outcome for yourself and your baby, but you’re not quite sure how to navigate the labour in safety and comfort.

You’re looking for a soulful sister to bring you the encouragement and support you need each step of the way.

Your partner is looking for someone to guide him too but not interfere with the incredible bond and connection you both have at this transformative time of your lives.

Let me be your personal cheerleader!

I know birth, I love birth and I trust birth.

Whatever your birth preferences are, wherever you choose to birth, I want you to feel empowered because someone believes in the process and believes in you unconditionally.

You probably already know about the plethora of quality research showing how Doula support;

  • lowers caesarean risk
  • reduces a mother’s request for pain medication
  • reduces assisted deliveries with episiotomies, vacuums and forceps
  • and that Doula support leads to greater birth satisfaction.

That’s why you’re here right?

Well mama, it’s all that and more.

As your Doula I will ensure your birth is one;

  • where you feel emotionally and physically cared for
  • where you feel motivated and courageous
  • where you get pepped up when you need it
  • and where your partner feels confident and included in his support of you.
    If your partner wants to take more of a back seat role, that’s ok too. You’ve got me, whichever way you want me!

Prior to your birth I will meet with you on a number of occasions, to get an intimate understanding of your desires, fears and wildest dreams for the day of your baby’s birth and beyond!

I will help you plan and prepare, as well as provide quality childbirth education if you so wish.

I want you to feel confident in your birthing abilities, and also as ready and set-up as possible for that magical post-partum life with your gorgeous new baby.

I am so excited and honoured to work with you but please don’t delay as places for 2018 are limited!

Enquire here about how I can be your birth Doula.

You’ll receive my packages and fees and also my FREE e-guide to an empowering birth
(‘The Lamaze Difference- 6 Simple Ways to a Rockin’ Birth’).

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