Harness your Radical Birthing Power with Lamaze

Join me for a stellar childbirth education program that will help you break free of self doubt and guide you into harnessing your powerful birthing potential.

Lamaze childbirth education is an evidence-based program that helps you achieve the empowering birth experience you desire.

I understand where you’re at right now.

As your precious baby grows within you, you are becoming anxious about how to facilitate his or her arrival Earth-side. You want it to be a peaceful event, full of joy, calm and love. You want to find ways to work through your contractions, but you’re unsure of how to navigate the sensations and pain. Planning for your labour and birth can leave you overwhelmed and even frightened. I get it.

  • You feel like the process seems very medical and clinical and you know deep within yourself there must be another way, an ancient way.
  • You know you have the innate wisdom to birth your baby, that the knowledge is within you on a cellular level, but you need guidance to help you tap into and harness it.
  • You know that the transition to parenthood should be one of joy and bliss, that it should not be a story of emotional healing and trauma.
  • You are navigating uncharted waters and you are looking for solid information and support to help you through.

Honey, I’m here to help.

You will be happy to know that the Lamaze principles of childbirth and early parenting aim to keep things simple.

Unfortunately, in our modern age we have been bombarded with messages since we were young that birth is scary, painful and dangerous, or an emergency waiting to happen. Well mumma, I’m here to help you realise another truth.

Birth is magical. It is powerful.

Yes, it is intense. But it also has the ability to transform you in the most positive of ways forever.

Birth is a time where a woman meets herself, in all her strength and power, as she has never seen herself before. It has the potential to bring you a level of confidence, and humbleness that you have never experienced.

What a great way to enter parenthood! Believing in yourself like you never have before, and both you and your baby thriving, not just surviving.

My signature Lamaze program will help you understand normal, physiological birth and its elegant design. You will understand how allowing labour to proceed normally is usually the safest and healthiest way forward for you and your baby.

Classes will help you advocate for the birth you want and assist in your communications with your care providers, so that no matter where you choose to give birth you can have the best possible outcome.

You will learn many different coping methods that not only diminish pain perception but help to progress labour along.

You will understand the important role labour pain plays and how it affects the hormones that are so vital in initial bonding and breastfeeding.

My aim is that you feel ready to rock your birth, you feel ready to let those potent hormones flow, and you feel mentally and emotionally prepared for the transformative experience ahead.

Become informed, inspired and empowered.

In my childbirth education program I guide my clients into achieving the empowering and momentous birth experience they so desire. You will enjoy 12 hours of engaging content which spirals around the Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices, with loads of supporting content to take home and refer back to.

Classes take place either at Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinic, Cremorne or Mosman Village Yoga. If you prefer personalised classes in your home this can also be arranged.

If you are wanting to get in the driver’s seat of your birth, and be an active participant in this incredible experience, this program is for you.

Classes are best taken during late second or early third trimester to keep all the rock solid content fresh in your gorgeous mind.

The main topics covered in class are:


  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy.
  • Stages of labour – how to recognise where you’re at and what to expect emotionally and physically during the process.
  • The importance of birth hormones in keeping labour safe and progressing.
  • Comfort techniques for early labour (relaxation and visualisation techniques, breathwork, touch/massage etc).
  • The importance of movement and position changes in labour (with time to practice each one).
  • The importance of continued emotional and physical support during labour and birth.
  • Practical ways your partner or support person can assist you during labour.
  • The importance of the labour environment in keeping stress down and oxytocin high.
  • The role of pain in labour (and why it is important!).
  • Fear-Tension-Pain cycle.
  • The Gate Control Theory of pain.
  • Common medical interventions – why they would be medically needed and how to avoid their unnecessary use (eg. induction, augmentation, epidural, caesarean surgery).
  • Informed decision-making so you can advocate for the birth you desire.
  • Writing a birth plan/birth preferences (hint: going with the flow is not a good plan!).
  • The importance of birth memories and how your birth experience shapes you as a person, mother and partner for years to come.
  • Techniques to cope with challenging labours.


  • Positions for birthing stage with time to practice each.
  • The importance of feeding and seeding baby’s microbiome for optimal short and long-term health of your child.
  • Birth of the placenta, a physiologic or managed approach. Which do you want?
  • Timing of cord clamping (why its’ so important for your baby’s health).
  • Initial bonding, attachment and breastfeeding- what facilitates the best start to your baby’s life and your start to parenting.
  • Newborn behaviours, appearance and abilities.
  • Routine tests and procedures after birth – what to expect (and how to use informed consent or refusal).
  • Breastfeeding anatomy, breastfeeding positions, when to feed, breastfeeding problems and solutions.
  • What to buy for your baby (hint: not much).
  • Physical recovery following birth- what to expect and how to optimise gentle healing.
  • Emotional recovery following birth for both mother and partner.
  • Relationship changes following birth.
  • How to set up good post-partum care for you, your baby and your partner.
  • Newborn care at home.
  • Newborn communication cues (yes, your baby ‘speaks’ to you the moment he/she is born).
  • Baby’s sleeping and wake patterns, what to expect and the terrible, societal advice to ignore.
  • Safe sleeping for your baby.
  • How to swaddle your newborn.

Now don’t worry, classes are not 12 hours of me standing in front of you lecturing. I will guide you through the above content in an engaging way. The small classes are broken up with activities, discussions, videos, snacks and tea/coffee breaks. You will also receive lots of additional information and resources to take home to further solidify your learning.

Are you pumped for an empowering birth? Let’s do this together! 

Register your details below for an upcoming class, as well as a free e-guide to the ‘The Lamaze Difference. 6 Simple Ways to a Rockin’ Birth‘.

Your investment : $420

Private classes available – $750

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I was like you hon.

Navigating the unfamiliar and frightening waters of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. But since taking part in a Lamaze program towards the end of my pregnancy I have been transformed. I walked away from those classes euphoric. I went from fear to itching with excitement.My mantra was ‘bring it on!’.  I couldn’t wait for labour. And once those early contractions were felt, I was in total control.

I trusted my body. I trusted my baby. I trusted explicitly in the process. In no way, shape or form was I fearing it wouldn’t ‘work’, that I couldn’t cope. It was 40 hours whoa-to-go and babe, it was the coolest thing I have ever been through. I felt my body opening in ways it never had, but no, it wasn’t the least bit frightening. It was intense, definitely, but not the whole way through.

And guess what I was doing during the most intense part of it all, as my baby and I were oh so close to meeting? As I was labouring my baby down into the world, I was laughing. I was talking to and laughing with my midwives. You don’t see that in the movies! The natural endorphins (natures very own narcotic) and the oxytonic highs were all I needed.

I also used a multitude of comfort tools and measures I learnt in class- THEY WORK! I knew no matter which way my baby’s birth day went, I was the one running the show. Just because birth can be at times unpredictable, it in no way means you can’t be the one in control of the experience. In fact, you should be.

Since that day, my life has never been the same. Becoming a mother is every bit as beautiful, fulfilling, heart-opening and amazing as you can imagine. It’s also the hardest, most tiring, relentless job in the world. But bringing your baby into the world with both of you in harmony, with you feeling respected and empowered, will guide you gently into the next phase of your life together. This is what my Lamaze program aims to help you do. It is my life’s mission to advocate for women and their babies so they can feel as incredibly strong and invincible as I did after my boys birth. This is why I have embarked on this new career as a birth worker and small business owner.

I want to connect with you, because I want the best for you and your baby.

Are you still unsure if the Lamaze program is for you?

Well babe, it is. Lamaze is for everyone.

Whether you already have a good understanding of the birth process, or whether you are walking in blind just like I was, you will gain more from this program than you will with any other childbirth preparation course around.

If you are up to the challenge of unlearning what you think you know about birth, if you want to break free from the self-doubt that is crippling you, or if you want to further solidify your knowledge base that aligns with your inner truth- then let’s do this, together.

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Denise’s passion for childbirth and labour is inspirational. It’s evident she has found her destiny in life. It’s rare you meet someone who is so in touch with their purpose. Denise is and she devotes this energy to educating women and their partners to approach childbirth with confidence and without fear to have an empowering labour. We had Denise conduct the course for us at home. She arrived with a huge kit of resources ranging from DVDs to tools for relaxation and anatomical models. Unlike another course we did, the Lamaze course is structured around the stages of birth, which we found made the most sense. We went through the various stages, learned about the physiological responses and applied techniques to each. The resources Denise supplied for us to keep were also by far the best and most informative compared to the other course. I referred to them repeatedly afterwards. Can’t thank you enough Denise for making us feel informed and confident for the most seminal experience of our lives! We really enjoyed the course. Paulina and Gideon

Do you want a positive and powerful birth?

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